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    Unanswered: Query Analyzer and EM broken after upgrade to SQL2000 SP3a


    I just upgraded SQL Server 2000 to service pack 3a. Followed the instructions to the letter and received no error messages during the install.

    Now, when I try to open Query Analyzer, the cursor changes to egg-timer with the arrow and Query Analyzer never opens, no errors either. In processes I can see isqlw.exe running but never on screen.

    Also when I try to open EM, I get error below ....

    MMC.EXE - the instruction at "0x77abf1a2" reference memory at ........ click OK to terminate the program.

    Any ideas anyone ??


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    Re: Query Analyzer and EM broken after upgrade to SQL2000 SP3a

    I know you probably did it, did you reboot your server? If the problem continues after you reboot the server, try to run rebuild sql registries from the installation CD and reapply sp3a. You can also read thru each error log, located in c:\program files\microsoft sql server\mssql\install to see there is any error during the upgrade process.

    Good luck!

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    same symptoms

    Had identical symptoms on Win2ksrv with SQL developer edition installation.
    Was fine until SP3a install.
    After install SP3a, the client tools wouldn't launch (MMC dies and ISQLw never renders, Profile can't start a trace).
    SQL service seemed fine - could access databases from remote computer.
    No obvious problems in install logs (lots of "could not add to sysdepends" messages though)
    Reapplied sp3a to no avail.
    Registry rebuild from setup CD dies with message similar to "invalid service" (I lost the precise verbage).
    Installed MDAC 2.8 to no avail.
    Ran out of tolerance and reinstalled SQL - without SP3a.

    Suspect may be related to presence of visual studio .net and/or MDAC 2.8. These were installed on my box prior to sql, and Delboy69 reported these programs were installed.

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    Man on man...when will you guys learn......

    DONT install anything ( i.e. .NET anything ) on a box that has SQL running on it, especially if it installs DLLs.

    M$ has an appalling record for this sort of problem

    Remove the .NET stuff , delete the .NET directory.
    Remove SQL, delete the SQL directory. Remove .NET & SQL keys from registry if possible. Reinstall SQL......M$ usually suggests installing only ONE thing per box - now you know why......sorry U had to learn like this.




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