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    I am running Oracle v8i on win2k server.

    I need to export list of tables from the source database into target(test) database.

    I have done a export into a dump file.

    I am importing it into a test database and we get a list of tables that are imported on the screen. My question is: Is there a way to see list of tables that still need to be imported from the dump file? If so, could you please let us know how can this be achieved?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Its not possible to list the remaining tables

    But the tables are imported in alphabetical order
    So if u know the pattern of the last set of tables, u can just have an approximation of how many more are there!!!

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    The .dmp file can be opened in a text editor.
    If it is of any size be prepared to have your memory used up!
    all of the tables and tablespaces can be seen in a format that resembles DDL.

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    It would be easier to read the log file than the dmp file. It's a lot smaller, too. As for the tables being listed in alphabetical order, this is true. However, remember that one schema is imported/exported at a time, so the order is by schema, then alphabetical.

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