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    Angry Unanswered: Lost In Printing

    I hope someone out there can help me with this one. I have a small report 1 page long and have the Page # of # Pages in the page footer. The page footer says Page 1 of 1 pages when it prints, but it prints 2 pages.

    The second page is blank. I thought it might be my printer, but when I click on the report in access design view to start view the report runs and displays 2 pages on my screen.

    I have looked through all the properties and can't find anything. I also looked in the page setup tab also. Nothing.

    This one has got me stumped bad. Please help anyone.

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    In the Menu File see the point Configuration Page for your report.

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    The controls in your report are layed out in such a way that they exceed the current page limits. Either reduce Top, Bottom, Left, and Right margins within the Page Setup menu option or move your controls within the limit of your specific page.

    A lot of times it's just a simple line control that is a little to long. Oh...and make sure the report layout background in your report footer is tucked up tight against the control that contains the Page # of #
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