I am trying to deploy a Data Access Pages application on the Inernet and having difficulties:
Originaly I had the DB running on a MS 2003 server , and SQL server 2000. After not been able to access it from the Internet I tried t switch to MS 2000(SP4) server and SQL 7.0 but same thing=> slitly different error messages:
1) I am using Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server.
2) The app. works ok thru Inranet, but not from the Internet.
with UserRemote provider =True =>
Under 2003 i get "object not found" server error...
With UserRemoteProvider = False =>
Data provider could not be iitilized then a:
[DBNETLIB}[ConnectionOpen(connect)]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.

Under 2000 with URprovider=true i get Internet server error
and with URprovider=false i get server dosen't exist or access is denied.

From Microsoft Knowledge pages I tried the next:
1) ACC2000 How to deploy Data Access Pages over the Internet and no help.
2) Followed the 230680 Working with RDS Handlers
3) article 249719 Internet Server error.

Any help?