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    Unhappy Unanswered: ASP Cookie Session

    Hi Guys,,,

    I have a problem in asp cookie sessions. Let me explain the scenario first.
    1. I log into one of a Internet banking site using IE 6.0 with a username and pwd.
    2. I go into Balance summary page or some page inside.
    3. Now In the IE browser window I say, File->New->WIndow.
    4. The page starts loading the page and displays again a balance page.
    5. The session key is assigned to a Cookie and the spawned window is having the same session as the first window and signing in.

    Ex : The URL showing in IE browser after SignOn is some thing like this : "http://localhost/asp/index_as.asp". So when a new window is opened using File-New-window, the second window is loaded with this URL and in this Index_as.asp the balance summary transaction is called, so its getting loaded from balance summary page.

    My problem, when a new Window is opened in a browser using File-NEW-Window, the session should terminate and should not cont with the session ? How to go about it ??

    I tried a lot and not able to succeed in getting a resolution. I hope any of your suggestion and hints could help in resolving the problem.


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    Maybe I'm missing something here, and this is more complex than I realize, but why not just put a session.abandon command in your code.


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