Hi all.
I'm trying to find an application that populates a table from a DB, with the data of other tables in different DBs.
The application should be configurable and triggers or procedure are not valid since I don't know what kind of DBs could I have in any of the sides.
Besides, you could add, delete or modify data in any of the sides, but only the 'source' DBs' modifications will be taken into account when passing the data to the 'destiny' DB.

Puf, I think I'm not explaining myself very weel I'm afraid

The thing is that I have two applications: an ERP (the 'source') with data of products, clients, etc... and another application (the 'destiny') that needs also client data and you have to maintain both separately (different DB structure, different DB types, ....), since I found this case more than once I was wandering if there could be something that could do that maintenance for me once configured.
I guess the difficult part is not the initial population but the maintanance or the 'destiny' data: what have be modified, deleted,...

Any ideas?