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    Unanswered: ODBC does not support this features

    Dear all expert,

    I have the program written in VB and connect database to the ODBC on windows for VB Use.

    I have created the views under the schema.

    When I create the recordset with ODBC connection to the database, it cannot create due to "ODBC does not support this features!" "Select * from view1", cn, .....

    Could you tell me why? Do you have similar case experience?

    Thanks for your time and attention.

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    There are some exceptions to using ODBC connections from MS to Oracle. For instance, MS doesn't support some of the NLS character types or BLOB's. For the full list, try this link:

    http://<br /> <a href="http://suppo...nt=1</a><br />

    My guess is that somewhere in your sql statement, you are using an unsupported type.

    Hope this helps.


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