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    Unanswered: League Table Difficulties (Access 2000)

    I'm a Student working on my A-level ICT assigment, for which i'm making a data management system to organise fixtures and keep a league table (as well as calculate statistics, but i'm not at that stage yet) for a Table Tennis league.

    I've researched other projects of this type, but I haven't found a solution to actually using a league table yet - would integrating Excel be the best option for this?

    I'm also having trouble with my tables - I have a Teams table (tblTeams) which lists an ID, Name etc for each team, and a Fixtures table (tblFixtures), which lists the home and away teams with venue and other relevant data. My problem comes from the fact that the way I had envisaged linking these tables was to link the TeamID field from tblTeams to both the HomeTeamID and AwayTeamID fields in tblFixtures, but Access can't enforce referential integrity for this kind of relationship - does anyone know a simple solution to this problem?

    Thanks, Joe Seed

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    Did you don 1:n Relation ship?
    Did you enter some datat?

    If not try to enter some data and make the referential integrity.

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