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    Unanswered: Install Oracle forms 6i with exisitng Oracle DB.


    My System configuration :

    OS : Win2000 PE, PIII processor, 128 MB RAM.

    Exisitng Oracle Installed products:

    ==========Oracle Version : Oracle 8.1.0. =========

    protocol : TCP
    PORT : 1521.
    db name : home.
    has the string :
    path : c:\oracle

    the listener name being executed is "lnscrtl".

    I am able to connect and use the database perfectly fine.

    My Problem is :
    I am trying to install forms developer 6i for WinNT on my system,
    and the installation is successful.This installation is in a different oracle
    home. ( path : c:\oracle1 ) However when I try to connect to the DB, I
    am getting the following error:

    TNS : could not locate destination.

    I checked with the tnsnames.ora file under the c:\oracle1 path.i,e the
    forms developer installation. These were the parameters :

    protocol : beq.
    PORT : 1521
    Oracle HOME for forms 6i DB is : c:\oracle1.

    The listener for the forms 6i database is WebDB listener. ie the
    webdblnscrl or something like that.

    Now I give the following username and password as follows to
    connect to the forms 6i database.

    username : scott
    password : tiger

    I get the error message :
    TNS : could not locate destination.

    So I tried this to connect to my original DB as follows

    username : scott
    password : tiger
    host string : tcp:in:home ( This is to try and connect to my original DB).

    I got this error message :

    TNS : service name is incorrect or service name not found
    (something like that)

    My Question is :

    1) Since I am using the same port 1521 for both the listeners,
    could this be the reason for me not to connec to the forms 6i DB.?

    2) How do I connect to the exisiting DB i,e the Oracle 8.1.0 DB.?

    3) How do I successfully install the Oracle forms 6i Developer on my
    system to co-exist with the exisiting Oracle 8.1.0 DB and use it

    I would appreciate if ANYONE out there can help me fix this problem.
    If I am able to connect to my forms DB or be able to connect to my
    original DB, that would be absolutely FANTASTIC and any help
    is absolutely most welcome.

    Thanks in advance
    Sharath K V

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    i too am searching fr an answer to a similar situation.
    pls help some 1

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