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    Unanswered: saving the database


    I am using SQLSERVER 2000. I had installed a trial version from microsoft. Now, it is about to expire. But i am not done yet with my project. So, I want to reinstall the trial version. But i don't know how can i save my current database, and transfer it to new database, that i will install.

    Kindly, explain it in detail, as I am new to database stuff.


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    I am not sure if ms will allow you to uninstall/install the trial edition ... Anyway, you can detach and copy the database (then reattach when sql server is reinstalled) or backup/restore.

    In Enterprise manager, right-click on the database -> All Tasks - In all tasks you will see Backup Database and Detach Database. For backup, follow the wizard, and back the db up to the hard disk. Later, right-click again and restore. For detach, once you have detached then copy the db to another name or directory. Then click on Databases and attach the database.

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