Hello, I'm working a form (F) with a combo (combName), the Form is linked to a table (T). I'm trying to create a button on the form, that opens a Query (Q), and makes the criteria of the field "Name" in the Query be the name selected in the combobox (comboName).

I created a button that opens the query Q, and I wrote the following expression as criteria for the field Name in the Query:
It worked, but the problem is that I would like the query to display all the records when I select in the combo "All names".
In other words, what should the text in the combobox be, if I want the query to return all the records, knowing that the criteria of the field name in the query is [Forms]![F]![comboName].

is there a way to edit the criteria in a query using a form? for example delete the criteria.

Thank you for being patient, and please consider in your reply that I'm a humble beginner.