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    Unanswered: Scheduled job runs WAY SLOW compared to Query Analyzer

    We have a SP that calls 14 other sp's that updates hundresd of thousands of records.

    execute spUpdateMyData 'Parameter1', 'Parameter2'

    Records are appended, deleted, updated. Anyhow all that is not important. The issue here is speed. When the same command is issued from a SQL Server Job it runs at least 4 times slower. so somthing that would have taken 10 hours now takes over 14 hours.

    QUESTION: Is there a setting or parameter in SQL server that can be set to make up the difference in speed. Like a run priority or something.

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    Try this :

    (1) The job runs at the same time as other jobs, so the server is running slower anyway , hence it takes longer.

    (2) run the stored procedure code through Profiler then use that data to check index performance use Index Tuning Wizard.

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