Consistently (i.e. on a daily basis) receive the following message when trying to log on to the Data Warehouse Center the morning after data warehouse processes have run:

DWC06200E An unexpected communications error has occurred. Address in use. No further information.
RC=6200 RC2=0

This message began appearing only after 1 year of executing the same processes day after day (and without application of additional FixPaks or other software).

I referenced another thread mentioning how to recover from a DWC06200E message (start warehouse server and logger processes), but I'm interested in knowing what is causing this error so it can be fixed for good.

Am running DB2 v7.2.3 (FixPak 5), Data Warehouse Manager v7.2 on a Windows NT 4 Server (SP6), however the same error message is now showing up periodically on my Windows 2000 Server machine on which I'm running DB2 v7.2.8 (FixPak 10a).