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    Database Development


    I am looking for someone to design a database (online) and a website around it. I want it to be searchable and remote accessible.

    Here are the specifics
    (1) Forms for people to input information
    (2) Form saves, and is password protected. The 'owner' of the information can log in and change their information at any time
    (3) Needs to be remote accessible (When I have other workers, they will work from home and need access to the database
    (4) Mass e-mail capabilities from Search results (Personalized e-mail; I.E. Dear ______)
    (5) Searchable by the following: Name, City/State, Zip including radius (I.E.; everyone within 50 miles of zip code 90048)
    (6) Needs to be expandable, right now, I will only use it to store information and mass e-mail, eventually I plan to be able to create projects (I.E. Jobs) and assign it and then send out automated replies.

    Please e-mail me with price quotes and time quotes. I already have a domain purchased.


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    I would suggest that you first hire someone to research the stable of existing software for this purpose. It is very unlikely that you will actually need to develop your own from scratch.

    I also strongly suggest that you consider using a simple off-the-shelf tool first such as Act!, while you establish your business. When you are ready to hire new folks to work from home, they can be given copies of their own to use on their home computers. The databases can be synchronized: salesmen on the road do it all the time, without real-time on-line access to "corporate."

    In doing these things, you are deferring what may otherwise be a very large and unrecoverable expense until your business actually becomes profitable and grows in the manner you now hope that it will. If the purpose that you have in mind can be served (if not ideally, perhaps, but it can be served) by a $100 piece of off-the-shelf, then you should do that until the business has grown so much that the profits from the enterprise clearly pay for more.

    There are also probably bulk e-mail services and internet marketing firms to whom you can subcontract the task of "getting the word out" while you concentrate on the message. In this and all aspects of your nascent enterprise, "run the numbers, disbelieving everything those numbers say until you prove them again." Explore all possibilities and don't deceive yourself. Good luck.
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    Purchasing software to give to each person defeats my purpose. What I am proposing can be done and can be easily done.

    I have found people to complete it anywhere from $150.00 - $400.00. I aplogize if my post steppeed on any toes.

    This is not as simple as purchasing software off the shelf and using it. I HAVE to have online access as I am not going to manually import information.


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    If your company has a corporate file server and/or a web server, ready for you to use your domain, one thing you might consider is setting up a remote terminal service.

    It is a utility that is included with Microsoft XP or 2000 server software. You can then you can create an basic Access database on your corporate file server and managers and staff can log in and use the Access database remotely.

    Clients can download the client login software for free.

    If data is to be shared by multiple people, take the Access database and split it into a front end/back end design. The front end will be on the server desktop that people log into and the back end would be on your central file server. The front and back ends would be linked together.

    This way, you can build an inexpense Access solution, enable multiple people to log in to work on live data, and you can take advantage of the convenience and security of the remote log in without the hassles of having to build a full scale, online solution.

    I think what sundialsvcs was trying to point out was that developing and rolling out a full scale online web takes time and money. I'm in the business and do this for a living. The costs you mentioned wouldn't even cover my meeting design time, let alone licensing, programming, graphics, web hosting, and security costs.

    If you are set about finding a way to do this from any browser, your only way to do this at a very low cost would be to find a company that already does this and has a one-price-fits-all package deal.

    They can afford to sell this for nothing because they are selling several thousand packages and hosting a bunch of sites on their server so the costs are spread over many clients.

    One last thing - if you have found someone to build this from scratch for $150, be careful. One of my clients found a guy to work for a very low price on a database that I support.

    They gave him a try and after he build it, the thing crashed, losing valuable company data and causing down time, and then the developer wouldn't return their calls. I ended up going in to fix his database and ended up having to rewrite portions of it.

    Joe G

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