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    Unanswered: Linking a query to the current record

    I'm using a query named "Provtot" to do some calculations regarding the current record in a form. I get the calculated value in the textfield, but instead of calculating the value of the current record it pops up a box that tells me to input the parameter value. I guess this is caused by wrong syntax in the WHERE-part of my query (?). My current query uses the following syntax in the WHERE-part:

    ...WHERE selgernr=[SelgerID];

    (SelgerID is the primary key of the table visualised in the form)

    How do I make Access understand that the SelgerID in the query is the same as the SelgerID in the current record?
    - Morty

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    Try this:

    ...WHERE selgernr = '" & Me.SelgerID & "'";


    ...WHERE selgernr = #" & Me.SelgerID & "#";


    Use the Query Builder.

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