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    On Normalization

    Hi everyone,
    I am working on a project, and right now I need to normalise my tables (just on paper, nothing with SQL so far), to break them where they defy the norms.
    Among my other tables I have one for the Author of books with various attributes. Some of these are: author id, last name, first name, genre, etc. I need to break this table in two, so I can place the genres in another table, since one author can have many genres (history, crime, fiction, etc). What I did is shown in the attached picture of an Excel file, however I think it's somehow wrong. Could anyone have a look at give me an idea whether it's ok? I am confused as to how can I link this to other tables and my main concern is that it doesn't have a primary key unless I take both columns as such, and then is the table enough only with those? It just doesn't seem right somehow...

    Thanks for any hints/suggestions,
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    At a glance you've created an Author-Genre association table, which is fine.

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