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    Unanswered: Help: Calculate bonus with many conditions

    I have an assignment related to business bones scheme which bother me for many days, I still cant find a solution of this problem.

    Can anyone help me?
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    The Condition is ambiguous :

    If sales equal or exceed the target figure in 2 or more quarter then 0.1%

    ==> Do you mean to say that any combination of quarters to check and add the bonus ? For example there is a value 800 in the first quarter itself and 400 in each next. so the combination of first and second, first and third and first and fourth will be more than the targets. so do you want to ad 0.1% per such combination ?

    Normally whatever your conditions are, may be formulated in the formulae using IF conditions.
    for example IF(F5 > F21, S5 * 0.005, 0) and keep on adding in the formula all the conditions.
    (While opening the xls it gave error regarding referece of some other xls, that I have ignored)

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