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    Cool Unanswered: Remote Access

    I'm new to mySql and i have bought a hosting that has 1 database, and i entered a password for my DB and created a table inside this solo database.
    the web application for that hosting doesn't allow me to go farther than that, i can't add raws to the table and stuff.
    so is there a program or a way that will allow me to write sql commands to my DB?
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    Re: Remote Access

    There are many software that can do that remotly; The first one is the mysql client itself

    But You will need to add an user that will be allowed to connect remotly to your mysql server.

    If you can't do that you should change your host compagny
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    This is the best (for Windows NT/200x/XP)
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    Look around a bit more. Most hosting-companies provide access to "mySQLAdmin" in some form or another. This is a very complete web-based tool for managing these databases. If you can't find it with your host, I suggest you inquire.
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