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    Unanswered: rollforward database fails

    We did a redirected restore from our old db server on DB2 UDB 7.2 FP6 to a new server, DB2 UDB 7.2 FP10a, both servers run on AIX 5.2L and they are 32 bit. The initial restore went fine but when I rolled forward the database it fails with the error:

    # db2 rollforward db prod to end of logs
    SQL1265N The archive log file "S0060800.LOG" is not associated with the current log sequence for database "PROD" on node "0".

    Also in the db2diag.log are some very nasty errors:

    Problem with log file S0060800.LOG, Index 11, PId 104291803, 60899 1071232620

    2003-12-14- Instance:db2inst1 Node:000
    PID:43066(db2agnsc (PROD) 0) Appid:*LOCAL.db2inst1.031214021835
    data_protection sqlpgrlg Probe:48 Database:PROD

    Next log extent not in chain. Blocks read : 0000 0000

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    cause and solution

    Found this issue online with Fixpaks9/10 its resolved in FP11 for DB2 UDB 7.2:


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