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    I have a 'Customer' and a 'Payment' tables, linked by 'acctno'. I created a form in which Customer_Acctno is a combobox and 'Customer_Name','Payment_DatePaid',' Payment_Amount' and'Payment_Method' are visible. The Customer_Balance is the default value for Payment_Amount. Current Date is default for Datepaid and Method is a listbox. I want to open this form in add mode, link the combobox_Acctno to the Name, let the user edit the other 3 boxes and save it to the Payment Table. I cannot seem to link the Acctno and name. The customer name is in the Customer table, not the payment table, it is on the form just for viewing on the form...Can anyone help me, please!
    Oh, AND the resulting Payment_Amount when saved should then update the Customer_Balance field

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    somewhat hazy on what should be displayed in the combo box, but what you can do is write a query in the Row Source linking the two tables via the AcctNo field, pull in the customer name, acct #, and whatever else you need from both tables, and only display the name/acct # by binding to the column you want (hide the other columns in the query by setting their column length to 0"). then update the tables with insert/update statements.

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