Here a little variant of the VNI-2015 problem!

On the managed node i have created a local user who is also a local administrator with the "log in as batch jobs" right. Also i have enabled the logging for all system-events like log in /log out.
The same user is a superadministrator in OEM with preferred credential for the managed node and database (username and password).

When i create a backup job with the wizard i register a log-in in the system-event and a log in to the database in the application-event(? - is a german version). After completing the wizard for the backup-strategie i register the log out in the system-event.
When i now submit the job to the node i register nothing as if the OEM did not try to connect to the node and after a few seconds i receive the VNI-2015 error-message.

Managged node: Win2000 SP4, DB: 9i release EE
OEM server: Win2000 SP4, DB: 9i release standard

Could anybody explain this behavior?