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    Unanswered: List Box transfer control

    Hi All,

    I am currently developing a form whose specification has,
    two boxes separated by one left arrow and right arrow button.
    -> the left box has a number or elements(assume, picked from a database table)
    -> the copy of the element is transferred into the right-list box when the right-arrow button is pressed after blocking the element in the left-list box.
    -> similarly, the right list box element can be transferred to left list box by blocking the element and using the left arrow button.

    I can hard-code the whole transfer, but on second-thoughts i guess there might exist some "control or utility or user-defined control" to do the same task.

    I am banking on you people in this forum to help me locating this as yet "invisible" control to perform this task of transfer.

    thanks in anticipation

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    Help pls!

    Please help!

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