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Thread: NT vs UNIX

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    Unanswered: NT vs UNIX

    I was wondering is someone might offer some insight into the following reality: an NT Box is several times faster the an equivalent SUN box at our shop.

    UNIX DEV BOX: 4 CPUs (1 ghz) , 5 gigs memory, and lots of disk space.

    NT 2000 dev box: 4 CPUs(1 ghz), 4 gigs of memory and lots of disk space.

    The same database and data exist on both boxes. Sybase 12.5 runs on both.

    On average, the NT box outperforms the SUN box(for bulk inserts, large updates, and big deletes) by a factor of 4 times.

    The sp_config yields that the two instances are very similar.

    Since this is an experiment for us, the NT box is running the "trial version" of sybase which limits itself to using ONE of the available 4 CPUs - yet it still runs circles around the SUN machine.

    Any ideas why we would see such a dramatic difference between the two boxes? Where would be a good place to look for the bottleneck?



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    Which type of devices are you using on your Sun server ?
    Are you using a 64 bits version (else, the RAm is limited to 1.7 Gb) ?
    Are you using the same caches ?
    Compare the both sp_sysmon.

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