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    Angry Unanswered: SP3 for SQL2K - Slient Installation

    Hi Guys,

    I have a very irritating problem. I have to deploy SP3a to approx 500 Win2k Servers with SQL2K (Service Pack 2) already installed. I have gone through the read me files it appears pretty simple, execute the sql2kdef.bat file.
    I checked the other specifications but they are not relevant in my situation. However when I execute this file it kick off and about 30 seconds later it disappears. Ii chexk the version and it is still Sp2.

    The login account for sa is blank so I dont think I have to sp_password .
    What else may be the problem, can anyone assist?


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    Did you use the BLANKSAPWD parameter ? Also, look at the sqlsp.log file to see what is returned.

    NOTE: Blank sa passwords are the black holes for the sql world. If just one sql machine becomes infected with a worm we all pay for the dos that it causes. In short - use strong passwords for sa accounts.

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