Hey all,

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I'm having trouble pinning down a Names Server resolution issue with multiple ADO database connections. Before the symptoms are laid out, here's the client's environment/app particulars...

VB6/ADO 2.7/MSDAORA provider,
Oracle 9i2 in an ONAMES environment,
all clients/servers Win2k (latest service packs).

The application initially sets up two parallel ADO connections to the same database. SQLNET tracing of the first connection (ADO-1, for dicsussion) activity shows a quick, successful connection to the Names server, resolution of the database name and ultimate connection to the data source.

The second connection (ADO-2), however, doesn't recognize the DB server IP cached up from ADO-1. When ADO-2 attempts to connect to the Names server, the trace file shows an existing connection to Names being held ope n by ADO-1, and we end up with a timeout on the resolution query for ADO-2.

Here are the particular lines of interest from the SQLNET trace file...

(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:16:570] nigini: Count in NI global area now: 2
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:16:570] niqname: Using nnfsn2a() to build connect descriptor for (possibly remote) database.
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:16:570] nncpsrq_send_request: attempt 1, name server with metric 0 at (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=RSTTST1)(PORT=1575)) (connection was open)...
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:16:590] nsevwait: 1 registered connection(s)
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:16:590] nsevwait: 0 pre-posted event(s)
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:16:590] nsevwait: waiting for transport event (0 thru 0)...
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:36:599] nsevwait: 0 newly-posted event(s)
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:36:599] nsevwait: 0 posted event(s)
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:36:599] nncpsrq_send_request: name server timeout, no response in 2000 csecs
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:36:627] nnfgrne: Query unsuccessful, skipping to next adapter
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:36:627] nnfgrne: exit
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:36:627] nnfun2a: address for name "RSTDEV1" not found
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:36:627] niqname: Return code from nnfsn2a is 1
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:56:637] nsopen: unable to open transport
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:56:637] nioqper: error from nscall
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:56:637] nioqper: nr err code: 0
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:56:637] nioqper: ns main err code: 12560
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:56:637] nioqper: ns (2) err code: 0
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:56:637] nioqper: nt main err code: 530
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:56:637] nioqper: nt (2) err code: 126
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:56:637] nioqper: nt OS err code: 0
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:56:637] niomapnserror: entry
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:56:637] niqme: entry
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:56:637] niqme: reporting NS-12560 error as ORA-12560
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:56:637] niqme: exit
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:56:637] niomapnserror: returning error 12560
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:56:637] niomapnserror: exit
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:56:637] niotns: Couldn't connect, returning 12560
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:56:647] niotns: exit
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:56:647] nigtrm: Count in the NI global area is now 1
(124) [15-DEC-2003 09:13:56:647] nigtrm: Count in the NL global area is now 1

...so, what configurations/settings/provider particulars am I messed up on here? Why can't a second connection resolve an address from the Names server?

Thanks in advance...