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Thread: 'dump' process

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    Unanswered: 'dump' process

    Could someone let me know how exactly a dump works. We are faced with an oversized database device (20GB) that could be shrunk to 5GB. The primary reason (I have been told) is the overhead of the daily dump.

    1) Is dumping a 200MB db in a 20GB device any different than dumping a 200MB db in a 5GB device? What are the ramifications?
    2) If shrinking devices is the only option, then what is the best way of doing it?
    3) Does Sybase ignore the empty page segments or does it scan all page headers?

    P.S. Databases is not my speciality.

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    Re: 'dump' process

    1) No in term of place, yes in term of data : ASE dumps the used pages incl. their address => it's not possible to load a 20 gb db in 5Gb db, despite the dump has 200Mb
    2) use the migration tool of ASE 12.5
    create a smaller db, regenerate all the objects, transfer the data using bcp or Sybase replication with materialization
    3)ASE ignores the empty pages (in fact, the empty extends (block of 8 pages))

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