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    Unanswered: formatting Date/Time datatype in table using CREATE TABLE

    I'm using ColdFusion to creating a table in Access on the fly. One of my columns in the Access table is a Date/Time datatype. In SQL, using the CREATE TABLE command, how can I format the Date/Time column to appear in Access as a 'Short Date,' i.e., 12/15/03?

    Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

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    The type you use is DATETIME

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    i don't think you can define that via DDL

    HOWTO: Common DDL SQL for the Microsoft Access Database Engine

    a datetime column is a datetime column, whereas "short date" is just a display format

    if you want a specific format returned to coldfusion, i would suggest that you use the access FORMAT() function to produce a string exactly the way you want it

    select FORMAT(thedate,"mm/dd/yy") as shortdatestring

    either that, or select the datetime field as a datetime field, and then use the coldfusion DateFormat function to format it

    #DateFormat(thedate,"mm/dd/yy")# | @rudydotca
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