I have MySQL several months installed on my WinXP Proff. After one restart the MySQL server couldn't start. I tried make some repairs, but nothing helped. So I installed new MySQL version 4.0.16. I'm using MyODBC 3.51.06. My .err contains only:

031216 12:20:04 InnoDB: Started
031216 12:20:04 MySql: Got signal 11. Aborting!

031216 12:20:04 Aborting

031216 12:20:04 InnoDB: Starting shutdown...
031216 12:20:06 InnoDB: Shutdown completed
031216 12:20:06 MySql: Shutdown Complete

What does it mean? I searched this, but never found anzthing, that should help me. The error is too litle specified to try something to do.