I try to access data by using the seek method on a table-type recordset that has a multi-colomn index. The rec.seek method seems to stop at the first colomn of the index. When I do the seek with the blended fields, I get NoMatch. Where am I wrong?

Dim db As Database
Dim rec As Recordset
Dim strSeek, strResult As String

strSeek = "FIELD_1" ' this seek works
strSeek = "FLIED_1" & "FIELD_2" ' and this one doesn't
Set db = CurrentDb
Set rec = db.OpenRecordset("RESULTS ALL")
rec.Index = "INDEX NAME" 'index is composed by FLIELD_1 and FIELD_2
rec.Seek "=", strSeek
Debug.Print rec(0), rec(1), rec(2), rec(3), rec(4), rec(5)

A neewbie to Access converting from Clipper !