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    Unhappy Unanswered: How to copy table from database A to database B

    Hello There,

    I'am new with sql2000

    Could some one help me.
    i want to copy a table from database A to database B with all soure and permissions.

    When i export the table in database B and i want the table with access
    i can not make change in the table.

    the soure (database A) can be changed.

    please help me.

    thanks in advance


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    Explore DTS

    I think DTS can help u, explore that DTS utility, hopefully that will solve ur problem else re-post ur question with more clarity.
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    Will you maintain this data - database A will be the source and database B will be updated periodically from database A (replication)? For the permissions, you can setup the logins to only have a db_datareader role for that database.

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    Re: How to copy table from database A to database B

    I'm not positive that DTS can transfer permissions (it may, but I'm not sure). One thing that you can do is script off the table (using EM or Query Analyzer). Be sure to check off the option to script permissions. Also besure that any users/roles that are granted permissions on the source table exist on the target server.

    One you have scripted the table and built it on your target server, then you can easily use DTS to transfer the data in the table. You could also add the target server as a linked server and just use a T-SQL statement.



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