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    Unanswered: Problem with transaction using MsAccess

    I use MsAccess linking Sql Server tables via ODBC.

    With the following code

    Dim MiBd As Database
    Dim MiWs As Workspace
    Dim MiQr As QueryDef

    Set MiWs = DBEngine(0)
    Set MiBd = MiWs(0)
    Set MiQr = MiBd.QueryDefs("jp Contador")
    MiQr.Execute dbSeeChanges
    MiQr.Execute dbSeeChanges

    the second MiQr.Execute gives me an error: 3146 ODBC call failed

    The query just add 1 to a counter. The error is issued when I try to update the same record twice within the scope of a transaction.

    If I comment out MiWs.Begintrans and Miws.Committrans the process succed in incrementing the counter by two. But this is a bad solution because I need to protect updates with transactions.

    I'm using DAO, MsAcces 97 as Sql Server 2000

    Any Help?
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