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    Unanswered: Oracle odbc drivers

    I am looking for a new driver that will function similar to older drivers.
    I am using Oracle 8.1.7 but need a driver that allows the passing of the
    userid AND password. The application is an older 16bit app and not to be updated any time soon.

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    Well, depending on what ODBC level compatibility you're looking for, you could use a couple of different drivers. Try this link, it has updated versions of Oracle drivers for supported versions (actually goes back to v7!) of the database:


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    The addr. supplied has been tried. Not what is needed but thanks.

    I have installed both the
    Version (32 bit) for Windows NT 4.0/95/98, Single Byte (English)—Drv25317.exe (12 MB) See the readme for this driver.
    Version (16 bit) for Windows 3.1, Single Byte (English)—win25317.exe (6.5 MB) See the readme for this driver.

    The windows 3.1 abends, the trace says

    SQLAllocConnect(henv11170000, phdbc107F0000);
    SQLDriverConnect(hdbc107F0000, hwnd024A, "(null)", -3, szConnStrOut, 255, pcbConnStrOut, 1);

    The version 7 and up drivers do not have a spot for the password.

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