I am runnning SQL Server 2000 Std. SP3a (brand new installation) on a Windows 2000 Adv Server SP4 (brand new installation). I am trying to index a table that has 5 image type columns, all containg Word Documents (Office XP is the version if that helps). I have a single column unique Identifier, I have the document type col (char(3) filed with 'doc') I have run the wizard to try and set this up, and I have used the stored procedures (neither method produced a populatable catalog). No matter what I do I can't get this thing to populate more than 8 unique IDs (the table has over 40K records). In the Applications log there is an entry under SQLFTHNDLER of :
One or more documents stored in image columns with extension 'doc' did not get full-text indexed because loading the filter failed with error '0x1'.

this is the only event indicating something didn't go right. I can run the contains() queries on the catalog, I just get empty set results. FTS is working b/c I can build a catalog on a text field and search it to my hearts content.

I have tried the fixes in the following Knowledge base article:
with no success.

I have also re-registered all the dlls in the 'C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSSearch\Bin\' folder

Does anyone have any idea of what is going on here? Did I miss something, is it some little tiny thing that I am doing wrong that is throwing me off all together? Any help you guys can offer I thank you in advance.