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    Hello people, i really need some major help.. I know this will be a piece a cake for you but I is not for me..

    I need create a form that will use two combo boxes to select city and type of animal and list in a subform all pet and owner information for customers that match the selections..


    I need to create a report that will list all pet information sorted by type of animal. The report will contain a count for each type as well as a sum for total amount owed..

    If you can do it and won't mind helping me out. PLease send me either an email to or just reply to this post and I will send you the data base.. Please help. I need this done as soon as possible.. Meaning Today!!

    Thank you

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    The dbforum is to help people giving suggestion. If they have problem the forum tries to help them so they can move forward.
    We are not a production factory with deadlines. You already got your answer from an other member who passed a link.

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