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    Unhappy Unanswered: Sync Palm or PocketPc Database with Interbase Database

    Hi there,

    i am using mobilevb with ultralite db and for the beginning i would need an one way sync from the desktop to the handheld. (later i need a two way sync but i think i can figure this out by myself after getting the one way to work)

    The data on the desktop is stored in an interbase db and i need to get any modified data to the handhelds.

    The sync should also work on any desktop without anything related to Ultralite or MobileVb installed (making a VB Application that handles the sync between the 2 databases).

    My Problem is, i have no clue how to start this all.

    I hope someone understands my problem (if not please ask what you also need to know)

    Any Help / Tip very much appreciated


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    You do not really use the correct Forum

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    Willy is on vacation
    iAnywhere Ultralite deployment technology is for only Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere databases only.

    I'm not sure if it is possible to do same with Interbase db?

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