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    Angry Unanswered: reboots (no warning) with /PAE on 2003

    I have a Windows2003 cluster, two nodes, 12GB each. When the /PAE switch is on the nodes reboot themselves without warning or noticable error. I think that I've ruled out bad hardware because it occurs on more than one server. With /PAE off and only 4GB available to the OS the cluster seems rock solid (1 month, no issues).

    After the month-long honeymoon I turned on /PAE on node 2 and within 48 hours node 1 rebooted itself. I know that you won't believe that, but there it is. I turned off /PAE on node 2 and we've been stable on both nodes since.

    Anybody seen this before?

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    Re: reboots (no warning) with /PAE on 2003

    I believe it, because it happened to us. The difference is ours took one week before it crashed and rebooted itself. We did a few things and it seems to be fine now. Put '/3GB' before '/PAE'. Run Rebuild Registries using SQL installation CD. After you enabled AWE in SQL, run sp_configure and see if SQL actually is using all the memory you have allocated for by looking at the number on 'max server memory (MB)'. If not, configure it with the right number.

    Hope this help! Good luck.

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