I would like to select the highest id in a table for each computer record.

ID Computer name
24 computer1
22 computer2
24 computer3

The max id is not going to be the same for every computer.

When I use the query below I get the highest number (24) and do not get the records that have an ID less than 24. Any ideas?

Select s.id_snapshot, s.server_name, texttype, sp, install_date, bios_date, os, ram, ramused, dns_nameservers, manufacturer, s.model, s.serial, mbmanufacturer, lastuser, boottime, idletime, ieversion, iespnumber, vendor, model2
From servers s Join processors p
On s.server_name = p.server_name and s.id_snapshot = p.id_snapshot
where s.id_snapshot = (Select MAX (id_snapshot)
From servers)