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    Unanswered: oracle 9.0.1 "creating and starting oracle instance"

    I have a Ultra 60 with 624MB de Ram and Solaris 2.8.
    Oracle installation is in /opt/oracle/product/9.0.1 (4GB free) and database in
    "/u01/app/oracle/oradata" (3.5GB free).

    The installation of oracle 9.0.1 finalizes correctly if the option of "Software Only" is
    chosen, but when trying to create the data base with "dbca" the assistant remains in
    the point "creating and starting oracle instance" at the50%. if on the contrary the
    option "General Purpose" is chosen the installation it is in the same point.

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    Provided Answers: 1
    1) Did you run the system pre-installtion checker utility
    and did your system meet all the requirements?
    2) What are the last 30 lines in the alert_SID.log file?

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