We are using Mercury LoadRunner (VUGen) to develop a script that loads data into an Oracle database. For those, who are not familiar with LoadRunner, let me tell you that the script uses a propritory C-style language with its own built in functions (e.g. lrd_bind_col(), lrd_exec() ....).

The script uses the ODBC protocol and during recording, invokes an ODBC tool called ODBCView. In this tool, I want to record something of the kind:

? = call testpkg.testme(10, 'hello', ?)

The first question mark is a return value from the Oracle pl/sql packaged function testpkg.testme. The function accepts two IN parameters and the third one is an OUT parameter.

The variables represented by the question marks should then be visible/accessible in the LoadRunner script so I can check their values and determine the flow of the program script accordingly.

Can anyone help?