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    Unanswered: date format

    Dear all,

    I suspect the format of date has problems. Could you help me?

    select * from table1 where sch_date > '11/23/2003'

    Does it correct in syntax?

    What it should be if the field of sch_Date in table1 is in date format in oracle database?

    Thanks for your big help

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    Oracle will convert your '11/23/2003' into a date, using what it thinks is a valid date format (see NLS for more info). On a UK NLS that might mean it is looking for dd/mm/yy, on a US system mm/dd/yy etc. How should it convert the century? Etc etc. It raises a lot of questions.

    You should always remove any implicit date conversion by Oracle by forcing your value into a date.

    Change you statement to....
    PHP Code:
    select from table1 where sch_date to_date('11/23/2003','mm/dd/yyyy'
    and it will be guaranteed to work regardless of the current NLS settings (that assumes of course that SCH_DATE is a date column!).

    Please don't email me directly with questions. I've probably just got home from the pub and cannot guarantee the sanity of my answers. In fact, I can't believe I actually made it home.

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