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    Question Unanswered: Transferring records from one Table Space to Another

    Hi Everybudy,
    I would like to transfer some records of 20-30 Tables in one Table Space to another Table Space on a remote machine.

    e.g. Table Name : T1 (Database D1, Location L1)
    Table Name : T2 (Database D1, Location L2)

    Records Involving T1 & T2
    e.g. SELECT T1.IDT1, T1.FLD1, T1.FLD2, T2.IDT1, T2.FLD1, T2.FLD2 FROM T1, T2 WHERE T1.IDT1=T2.IDUNQT1

    Some of the Tables have CLOB and BLOB data type fields also.

    Actually I am trying to create Insert Statements Using PL/SQL on the Output Screen, Copying it to the Notepad and sending it to the remote location and then again executing it on the remote machine.

    I am facing the following problems

    1. DBMS_PUTLINE is not supporting CLOB Data for concatenation purposes

    2. DBMS_READ is supporting the reading of CLOB Data but Its lenght is too long to capture in Varchar variable.

    Suggest me the right way to transfer these records
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    If its a manual one-time data-transfer, exporting it from source and then importing in destination would be a good idea.

    If its a frequest data-transfer at pre-defined requency, you can try looking at snapshot option.

    Import-exoprt and snapshot both work with blob and clob types.

    If you are loading from flat-file, instead of creating insert statements, try using SQL-LDR. Not sure, but it might have support for BLOB & CLOB types.
    Oracle can do wonders !

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