I am working with db2 8.1 ese instance with two physical nodes on AIX 5.1 boxes. I want to get history of the dropped tables from any of the nodes. I tried to use db2 api function sqlesetc(). My code is as below:

struct sqle_conn_setting connSetting[3] ;
connSetting[0].type = SQL_ATTACH_NODE ;
connSetting[0].value = SQL_CONN_CATALOG_NODE;
connSetting[1].type = SQL_CONNECT_NODE ;
connSetting[1].value = SQL_CONN_CATALOG_NODE;
// disconnect from node on commit (implicit when connect reset)
connSetting[2].type = SQL_DISCONNECT ;
connSetting[2].value = SQL_DISCONNECT_AUTO ;
sqlesetc(&connSetting[0], 2,&sqlca);

API documentation for 'SQLE-CONN-SETTING' says that, if you pass const value 'SQL_CONN_CATALOG_NODE' (= 65535), sqlesetc() api function should connect to catalog node. But it is giving me following error message:
"SQL4917N Element "SQL_ATTACH_NODE value" in the option array is not valid."

Please let me know the solution if anyone of you have faced similar problem.

Thanks and Regards,