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    Unhappy Unanswered: Picture problems in report

    I want to add our company logo to a report. I put the image on the report, save it, and print it and it works fine. But, when I try to close the report, save my changes, then open it again, it disappears. Is there any way I can keep it on there permanently? I figured it should stay permanently anyway, but I guess Access has decided to be moody today. Thanks for your help.


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    I do this by storing the logo in a table and put a bound object frame onto the report that gets the logo from a dlookup or from the query. The OLE type is set to Either.

    I have also used an unbound object to keep a permanent copy of the picture right on the report and only show that object if a password is entered and the correct floppy disk is in the drive. This works great for printing signatures onto cheques or certificates. The OLE type is set to Embedded.

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