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    Unanswered: SQL server behaving strange. Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Everthing was fine till yesterday but I walk in this morning and my server is behaving strange. We have a app and db on the same server (I know this is bad but I could never convince my management to buy another server). This morning when I walked in, I see that SQL Server is taking all the CPU and memory. I have no clue where to start troubleshooting the problem. Can you please tell me where to start and what all to check. Some possible scenarios when things like this could happen? Any help is greatly appreciated. (I did fix the amount of memory SQL Server could use, earlier it was dynamic). I rbooted the server and it did not change anything.

    - sbaru

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    Run a profiler trace and see what activity is going on the sever ???
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    Re: SQL server behaving strange. Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    when SQL server install it uses dynamic memory configuration. Its not new for me i hv already seen this scenario when u wil open any program then SQL will release memory automatically.

    TO Configure SQL server to use FIXED Memory do the following steps

    1) right click on sql server
    2) click properties
    3) goto memory tab
    4) click "Use Fixed memory Size" option button
    5) adjust memory as u want
    6) select "Reserve Physical memory for SQL Server"
    7) Press ok button

    SQL server will restart automatically n it wil use your configured memory setting

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    you have your server patched up and running antivirus s/w on it?

    it the network activity to/from the server unusually high?

    it's possible you could've been hit with Blaster or something similar...

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