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Thread: Database design

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    Database design

    Hello all. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am working on my first solo project designing a database system using MS Sql 2000. The system will be a project manager handling the lifecycle of a quote through to the completion of a project. I designed the tables for everything but the setup of the job and monitoring the assigning of tasks to various employees. So far, what I have completed seems cumbersome. The following are the layout of the tables. tblTasklist holds records for 42 different tasks associated with a single job. tblJobSetup has 42 fields for the tasks, if true then that task applies to that job. The table also has 42 fields to allow the project manager to assign that individual task to am employee.

    id ItemName ItemDescription
    1 LabelA1 A1. Update Contacts
    2 LabelA2 A2. Enter Job Description

    Id fldJobID TaskA1 EmpA1 TaskA2 EmpA2 – to – TaskE42 EmpE42

    I welcome help from anyone wishing to enlighten me. I just can’t think of any other possibilities or solutions.


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    you will certainly wish to consider other alternatives when you go to put your system into production and the very next day the client asks you to add a 43rd task

    replace tblJobSetup with

    create table TaskEmpl
    ( task_id integer not null
    , empl_id integer not null
    , primary key (task_id, empl_id)
    , constraint valid_task
    foreign key (task_id) references tblTaskList (id)
    , constraint valid_empl
    foreign key (empl_id) references tblEmployees (id)


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    RPLY - Thanks...

    How correct you are, I developed a similar scaled down version of this system just to track jobs and tasks. Within a couple of days, I was asked to make alterations to the tasklist, it turned out to be a nightmare. I had to change all the items in the list to make sure they sorted correctly when written out to the cfm page. Just to make sure I understand. TaskEmpl will have a record for each task item per job. I like this idea. Thanks for helping an aspiring developer grow.


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