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    Unanswered: How to load a talbe in SQL?

    Dear dBforums memebers:

    I want to know how to load a table in SQL*Plus environment.

    I created a table called author(author_name char(30) ). Instead of using single INSERT statement. I want to load table with a datafile, or a script file.

    Could someone tell me the procedure which will load a table using data file or a script file. My friend told me that SQL*Loader may do the job, but i couldn't find information on oracle website regrading this matter.

    Can anyone can give me some suggestions. I appreciate your help

    if possible, please show me a a detailed example, or web sources.

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    Your friend was correct, SQL*Loader is the right tool. See documentation at

    In order to access the documentation, you must login to the Oracle Technet web site. If you don't login, the URL will hang.
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