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    Unanswered: ORA-03113 again!

    Hi All!

    Since las 3 days I am looking for the solution of this problem:

    We have 2 databases, which are connected via database links. The one database, in this case the MASTER, is running on Suse 8.1 and Oracle, the other, in this case the SLAVE, is running on Solaris 8 and Oracle

    In the MASTER-DB we have stored procedures, that read and write to the Tables in the SLAVE-DB via database link using some synonyms.
    The database links names and connect strings are equal to global names which are again equal to hostnames. So we have
    "" as a global name and a hostname. The database link is then created like this

    connect system/

    grant create database link to master_dbuser;


    connect master_dbuser/
    CREATE DATABASE LINK CONNECT TO slave_dbuser IDENTIFIED BY slave_dbuser_password;

    As soon any LOB has to be written, then connection dies due to ORA-03113.

    We tested another combination with the SLAVE on Suse 8.1 and Oracle, then everything is working fine. Also in homogene Win2k environment, there are no ORA-03113.

    Is there any specific configuration for Solaris 8 required ore is this bahavior a bug in the Solaris-Destribution of 8.1.7.x?

    Really need support on this problem!


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    I think the reason you are getting ORA-03113 "end of file on communications channel" is your sqlnet files were not relinked properly after installing Oracle on Solaris. I seem to recall that after installing Oracle you have to login as root and run, then look for errors and rerun as necessary. If you are already logged into the server and you "su root" verus "su - root" then you will get different results.

    This does not apply on Windows platforms.
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