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    Unanswered: delete query hangs

    I ran a simple delete query that should have affected about 2.5 million rows. The query was:

    delete from traffic where left(filename, 4) = '0304'

    After running this the TLOG increased to about 2 gig, but still had over 5 gig of space left on the disk. Then the SPID for the query showed a status of rollback this stayed like this for over 3 hours. After the status changed to rollback I noticed one of my 4 processors was running near 100% while the others were idle. I was forced to kill the query and reboot the computer. After rebooting the same thing happened again.

    Any ideas what is causing this?

    I'm running SQL Server 2000

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    Long transactions will cause all sorts of problems - transaction log issues, lock escalation issues ... The short answer is to delete in smaller chunks.

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