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    Unanswered: Syncronizing SQL 2000 databases through USB or Com Port

    If i have two Windows 2003 Server boxes running SQL Server 2000, is there a way to sync the databases through a USB port or a Serial Com Port?

    I would preferr some software that keeps those two databases the same at any given point in time. And i want to do thise through a USB port or a Serial com port.

    Anyone know of any software for this solution?


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    Re: Syncronizing SQL 2000 databases through USB or Com Port

    Is there a special reason why you want to user the Serial or USB port(s)? I can think of lots of a couple of ways of doing this (replication, log shipping), but they generally involve standard network connections.

    Are you trying to get around a firewall or other connectivity issue?

    You can (I think) use FTP to do replication: I've never done it, but it is an option from what I remember in class.

    Perhaps you could provide a bit more information (SQL version, OS, platforms, constraints) and some of the smarter people on the board can help you.



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    ok heres the deal.

    The company i work for, does NOT want to have its network on the Internet at all. they dont even want their network to be even close to connected to it at all.

    So what i have set up over the years is TWO networks. one network running about 275 XP machine workstations, powered by 4 servers.

    The second network is the internet network (this network has about 45 machines on it with 2 servers), and those people wishing to use the internet get TWO Workstations at there desk with a KVM switch to switch between the two.

    As time goes on, i have been trying to convince the owner of this firm to combine these networks for ALOT of reason. He still believes that he wants the seperate.

    SO as this company is growing im realizing that alot of our apps need to be WEB based. Instead of putting another 200+ machines at the other people desks to get internet, im trying to find a way to sync the outside database with an inside database without using TCP or a network card(because the owner refuses this option) So if i can find a way to use a serial or USB cable to sync these databases, then i can run a internet based app on the inside without being connected to the internet.

    I hope that this is all making sense. I know the total solution is to put these networks together, but that isnt going to happen so i need to find a solution to sync databases through another means.


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    So you want to have a copy of the internet database for use on your intranet network. How big is the database ? Will the intranet database be updated or is it just a static copy of the internet database ?

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    how about putting a second NIC in each one and use a different protocol like IPX or something that's not going to route?

    that's got to be totally frustrating... you guys need to merge those networks and use a firewall with a DMZ for the internet accessable servers... if they are REALLY worried they can have a few layers of firewalls...
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    the internet database is a busy database so the sync of the two databases needs to be real time.

    Yea i wish i could do another nic card and use an IPX protocal, but man he is very worried about this internal network. If the internal network ever went down for a virus or any other reason we would lose millions of bucks every hour!

    What's funny is we already have a PIX515E on the outside network and we havnt had any trouble on that network for two years now (since we made it)

    well if anyone can think of anything i can do, that would be a big help.


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