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    Unanswered: cron & rsync script needed PLEASE HELP !!

    greetings, and thank-you for looking !!

    problem = need to mirror sites on remote ( leased ) servers and not getting much help, as the guys I am leasing from know less than far>

    1) nix newbie, been around since DOS 2.0 but behing in linux/unix/redhat.

    2) I have read this,

    and seems to be what i need....I do NOT have ROOT access, and will not...unless I lease my own server, and not to that point yet.

    3) Any help please?.... As I have been buzzing thru everything and anything...getting confused, and this has been for 24+ hours....

    and my mind is toasted at this point...

    Everything req'd so far that I can see is already installed on both these servers, I just need a little kick in my put together all this.

    thank- ANYONE in advance, and happy holidays,


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    can you please specify what your actual question is.

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    ?? need to mirror sites on remote ( leased ) servers ??

    that's about it, they are telling me I can install a script.

    As mentioned prior, i am behind in the NIX curve, and I guess now, looking for help on writing a script to accomplish this task.

    As The above <below> article, just tells about " rsync "...



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    OK, the tranfer is following:
    machine A -> machine B.
    IP of A:
    IP of B:
    Here is example of configuration on machine A located in /etc/rsyncd.conf:

    motd file = /etc/motd
    max connections = 25
    syslog facility = local3

    comment = all images
    path = /path/to/images_directory
    read only = yes
    list = yes
    hosts allow = # replace with IP of machine B
    uid = username # replace with correct username
    gid = groupid # replace with correct group name

    modify your crontab (according to username in rsyncd.conf on machine A):

    0 * * * * /usr/bin/rsync -v -a /path/where/i/need/images_replicated > /tmp/rsync.log 2>&1

    Thats all... All images on machine A will be automaticaly replicated to B (In this case incrementaly!!!)

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